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If you were to save that money in an IRA or 401(k) instead and invest it at an average annual 7% return (which is doable with a stock-heavy portfolio), then you’d add about $50,000 to your nest egg.

Some take it so far that they sacrifice retirement savings in order to pay off their home loan. At first thought, it doesn’t seem like a bad idea. You pay off the mortgage early and have more money to devote to retirement investing once you own your home free and clear.

At first thought, it doesn’t seem like a bad idea. You pay off the mortgage early and have more money to devote to retirement investing once you own your home free and clear. But that idea ignores the most important fact about investing: the longer you invest, the more your money can grow.

At my age (36) I do not have a desire to go to college and try and break into a career that will pay more. Should I save a small portion of the inheritance and invest the rest and hope it.

Four of five non-retirees with a mortgage expect to pay it off before retirement, according to a new survey from Voya Financial, but the experience of current retirees suggests some of those plans.

Retirees should pay off their mortgage loan before retirement. The years during retirement offer consumers fewer options for funding. Retirees no longer hold full-time positions and therefore any incoming salary is reduced or eliminated. More retirees rely on Social Security benefits, 401(k) payouts, pensions, or other savings funds.

Not having a financial burden of a mortgage is just one of the many reasons you should pay off your mortgage before retirement, here are few more reasons why paying off your home is key in helping you enjoy your retirement. Having equity will increase your mobility and choices in retirement. Having a mortgage payment can really tie you down.

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All this boils down to one important takeaway: healthcare in retirement will most likely cost you more than you expect. And if you don’t save accordingly. is to accumulate funds in your account.