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Home Building Fraud -Florida is number one in Fraud for the United States. Sadly it appears to me that while Florida claims to be proactive in dealing with criminal fraud, it’s not. Criminals and crooked lawyers see old people retiring with money as a challenge to separate the two.

Consumers should be aware of a fraudulent website (www.concealed-license. com) that promises concealed weapon licenses for Florida. This site is not in any . Florida private investigators advice, Number Telephones, Agencies to Report fraud.. florida private investigator Guide On How To Report Fraud, Crimes Or.

They also may be more trusting or less likely to report scams because they fear friends and family. The goal of that change was to thwart scammers who could use your Social Security number for.

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To report insurance fraud on a Florida Peninsula policy call (866) 923-2920 email To report all other insurance fraud contact division of Insurance Fraud 200 East Gaines Street Tallahassee, FL 32399-0324

Select Report Suspected Fraud from the Topic menu options, and provide full details. Suspected insurance fraud that may involve policies or claims of other insurance companies to the Florida Department of Financial Services (DFS) Bureau of Insurance Fraud by calling 800.378.0445. More information is available on the bureau’s website.

To ensure that your report can be processed and/or investigated thoroughly, please provide as much information about the person you think is committing Public Assistance Fraud (Food Assistance, Food Stamps, SNAP, TANF, Cash Assistance or Medicaid). All fields marked with an asterisk (*) must be completed for the report to be processed.

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D.B.A. Florida Civil, Corporate Florida Private Investigators, A9700024. Telephone: (954) 768 – 9222. Telephone: (561) 206 – 4212. Florida Private Investigator Guide On How To Report Fraud, Crimes Or Criminal Activities. Our Agency Florida Private Investigators Has Received Many Fraud Call In Regards To The Internet.

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